MA Series Diaphragm motor pump

Mechanism: Spring return
Max flow rate: 1000 L/h
• Black -anodizing Aluminium casing;
• Manual adjustment standard via handwheel or optional electric actuator.
•3 pc threaded hose connector (PP models)

NEO Piston motor Pump

Mechanism: Positive return
Max flow rate: 425 L/h
• anodizing Aluminium casing);
• Transparent covers and protection comply to EC directive

• models with flowrates up to 18 l/h double valve as standard (optional untill 150 l/h) for increased accuracy when operating at low flow,

Mechanism: Spring return
Max flow rate: 520 L/h
• Black -anodizing Aluminium casing
•Spring return mechanical diaphragm pump;
• Minimum maintenance required;
• ATEX STD compliance (2014/34/CE), group II category 3 (zone 2/22) -

• Single pump only