Aqua-Nano Dual Timer

Aqua-Nano Conductivity

Dual Timer Tower Controller
Features 2 timers that can operate independantly or sequentially.
Either or both timers can be connected to a water meter to provide proportional dosing.

Dual Timer Conroller with Conductivity
Supplied complete with probe in a 3/4" tee.
Bleed can be controlled by the conductivity with the feed proportional to a water meter input

Aqua Megatron XS

Aqua-Nano Corrosion

Avanced tower controller
Fully featured tower controller uses an ATM style
display and keypad to give access to all functions.

Nanotron Corrosion Monitor
Uses the only proven method of monitoring corrosion in real time.
Analogue output allows continuous monitoring of corrosion so that problems can be rectified as soon as they are seen to appear

Complete Board Mount ​Control Panels

Corrosion Coupon Racks

Corrosion Rack
Provide a tried and tested method of monitoring the efficacy of your water treatment regime
Racks available in PVC, iron or stainless steel, coupons in iron, copper steel or aluminium.

Any of the above controllers can be supplied board mounted with the appropriate measuring and injection points.
Boards come ready to run and to plumb into the tower's circulation system.
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