Our Standard line housings are available as 2 or 3 piece units and feature heads in blue PP with a choice of clear or opaque white bowls. The female threaded ports can be supplied with or without brass inserts and a choice of thread size. All housings are designed to accommodate standard cartridges sizes 5", 7", 9¾", 20".​​

The short line range of housings are for small cartridges. They have been specially designed for applications where there is limited installation space and a minimum capacity requirement.
These housings are particulary suitable for pre-filtration treatment on small electrical appliances and in any situation where a minimum amount of water is required.


Sirio Fast

The Gibo line are designedfor wall mounting and have brass inserts with female thread and a brass pressure release valve. The housings have a black head and clear bowl.
Other colours are available upon request for bulk orders.
The Sirio fast is designed for easy maintenance using a bayonet coupling which allows a simple rotation to replace the filter cartridge. Allhousings are wall mountable and are available in 5", 9¾"  and 20"

High Pressure

High Compatability

The FP2-ALL-PP housings are suitable for both industrial and food and beverage applications, where high standards of clean quality and performance are needed. The housings can function at temperatures up to 40'C and pressure of 6 Bar. Viton gasket with excellent chemical compatibility ensures a perfect water tight fit.
The brass head housings come with clear SAN or Trogamid bowls. All housings hold 5", 7",  9¾" and 20" standard filter cartridges and are designed for wall mounting. These housings for applications where excellent performance is required due to the presence of chemicals and high working pressures and temperatures.

High Temperature

Aqua Big

This line of housings are made from a high quality glass reinforced  thermoplastic polymer and are a technical alternative to brass and stainless steel housings
The housings can withstand temperatures up to a maximum of 90'C and pressures of 8 bar.
The Big Line filter housings are suitable for 4½"diameter filter cartridges. They are available in clear or blue opaque bowls and come in 9¾" , 20" and 30". The housings are a 2 peice type with heads designed for wall mounting.



This line of housings are pre-assembled as double filter housing systems. The Duplex range is available in FP2, FP3 and Gibo options, in clear or opaque bowls & inlet outlet connections ¾" and 1" with  brass threads.
These line of housings are pre-assembled as Triple filter housing systems. The Triplex range is available in FP2, FP3 and Gibo options, in clear or opaque bowls & inlet outlet connections ¾" and 1" with brass threads..