Established in 1976, AQUA Italy has specialized in injection moulding of plastic materials and components for the water treatment industry. Over the years we have progressed and added to our range, making us a top manufacturer, able to offer a comprehensive and extensive range of highly durable products.
The two main factors that have contributed to our progress over recent years is our attention to market requirements as these constantly evolve and a strategic marketing plan which aims to place ourselves at the forefront of the market.
With many years experience of identifying acquiring and integrating into other businesses that complement our own we have been able to cement good industry leadership within the group.
AQUA Industrial Group is a worldwide, internationally recognized organization that owes its success to the efforts of each single individual.
Our extensive & diverse range of products has produced the right mix of flexibility and service which has given us the advantage and competitive edge that the market demands.
Today Aqua Industrial Group have 9 manufactoring facilities, 9 operating branches, and supply to more than 110 countries, employing 320 people.
The Group operates 40 injection machines from 50 to 1,700 t. hold 698 molds, 12 melt-blown cartridge extruders, 2 melting furnaces and 20 winders for our wound filter cartridge production.
The facility uses 2 welding machines for the production of tanks and filters, 1 fibreglass production line and use 6 looms for the production of our synthetic grass.